ManpowerGroup uses Signom signature service for thousands of contract signatures on a yearly basis. Electronic signature makes our business more efficient and our company users have found it saving time and effort. One important aspect is also environmental effects: ManpowerGroup has been a Green Office since 2010. One of our goals is the reduction of paper consumption which electronic signature supports great.

– Markus Tapaninen, ICT Director, ManpowerGroup


S-Business Oy offers its corporate customers a possibility to sign S-Business card applications with Signom electronic signature service. Electronic solution has made our operation significantly more efficient, but more important, we have been able to provide for our customers even better and effortless service with Signom’s solution.

– Jukka Sippola, Production and Development Director, S-Business Oy


St1 Oy uses the Signom electronic signature service for thousands of consumer and business customers’ fuel card application signatures. Electonic process makes our application process much more efficient. Additionally by adding our Web analytics into Signom’s service we are able to measure the actual results of our Web marketing campaigns all the way from a marketing activity to a signed application.

– Harri Tuomaala, Marketing & Communications, St1 Oy


For Toyota Finance it is very important to offer our customers services that are user friendly as well as environmental friendly. Signom signature service is easy, fast and effortless way to sign financing contracts. Signature process speeds up from over a week to a couple of minutes.

– Lauri Varonen, Operation Manager, Toyota Finance Finland


Barona Group uses Signom electronic signature service for signing employment contracts. We sign thousands of employment contracs yearly and electronic signature brings cost effectivenes and speeds up our business.

– Pasi Vilhunen, CFO, Barona Group


ALD Automotive offers its customers a new service with which our customer can sign the leasing contract electronically. Electronic signature enables the fast and confidential handling of our documents. Signom service reduces the amount of traditionally mailed documents and speeds up the process.

– Olli Hakala, Development Director, ALD Automotive


Lahden Talot uses Signom electronic signature service for signing of leases and minutes of various meetings. Electronic signature has speeded up our apartment rental business remarkably and we have been able to focus on bringing added value to our customers. Additionally integration into M-Files document management system has ensured that all of our signed document are automatically transferred to our document management system and are easily found and accessible no matter where or when.

– Petri Juvonen, CFO, Lahden Talot Oy