Case S-Business: Effectivity to the new business sales with electronic signature

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Distance selling, at its best, is an efficient and fast way to sell and market products and services. This style of sales has anyway its challenges and uncertanties: puchase decision has to happen on the phone or Internet never meeting the service provider.

When the barriers are passed trough, the end customer is at the point that he wants the product or service. There are times when for example spoken contract is accepted and papery documents are not needed. However written contract brings reliability and in some industries it is absolutely necessary.

Yet, it is such a shame if the written contract complicates the buying process and brings unnecessary effort to the buyer. Typically the reason for this are papery documents that must be signed and sent back to the service provider. The deal is not closed before this, even though the end customer has said yes long ago. It probably doesn??t come as a suriprise that there are cases that the deal is never closed ??  The buyer has forgotten to return the signed document and the interest that was raised on the phone has faded.


S-Business provides a new corporate card that is accepted  at over 1 600 S Group??s  outlets. Paying with S-Business corporate card the companies?? employees don??t need to save receipts  anymore?? All the purchases are invoiced once a month and invoice includes all data needed for accounting.


??Originally our paper forms were found at S Group??s outlets. Our customers were also able to fill in the form on our web site and order it in papery form to be signed and sent back to S Business.?, tells Niko Sinervä, CEO of S-Business corporate.

??About half ot the ordered application was never sent back. In our call center telemarketers were actively contacting representatives of companys so the potential new customers would get information about the card and were directed to order the corporate card. Active sales didn??t always either lead to the point that the representative would have printed out, signed and sent the application back to S Business. ??

??In S-Business, we wanted to find new ways to ease our application process and reduce end customers?? effort as well. Signom??s Electronic Signature Service and Web -forms have been an important part of this development. Today over 90% of our applications are signed online. Call centers have also been able to use the Web -form when closing deals on the phone because the end customer can sign the application straight after the phone call. At the moment we have over 11 000 corporate customers and I see that Signom??s service has a significant role in our new business sales.?, states Niko Sinervä.

You can order S-Business corporate card from here!


Does your company have a great product or service but the ordering process causes unnecessary effort for the end customer and complicates the sales process?

We will gladly discuss about the options to ease your company??s processes.



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